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About Move Productions Dance Competitions

MOVE Productions is a new and exciting dance event for the whole family. We are excited to be involved in the fun and competitive world of dance, and are even more excited to see what talent and creativity each of our competitions will bring. We hope to see you in one of our 17 regional events around the country, and finally at the National Finals in beautiful San Diego, CA.

What MOVE will bring to you and your dancer…..

A commitment to be the best in the business by providing at every event:

  • Special Marley floors ensuring dancers are performing on the best floor possible;
  • Moving lights to add to the excitement of the event;
  • Premium sound system ensuring quality and professional performance atmosphere;
  • Professional judges with positive feedback on recorded on tape;
  • Great staff to answer any questions you may have;
  • Fantastic video will feature multi-camera shots in most cities;

The top performer’s videos in the solo, duet/trio, and group divisions will be featured on our web site from each regional event.

In its second season, MOVE Productions will host 17 events nationwide, culminating with the National Finals in San Diego, CA. Our Finals will be an exciting event featuring some of the best young performers in the country! I believe that all of the events will create a fun and exciting atmosphere for dancers of all backgrounds. Furthermore, MOVE competitions will allow dancers to improve their performance skills, as well as to grow as individuals by meeting other dancers, gaining personal confidence, and making long-lasting memories. My personal hope is that all the performers will never doubt themselves, follow their dreams, and work toward their full potentials both on the stage and in life. Having said that, the best of luck to everyone…now why don’t you come and show us how YOU MOVE?!?

Jimmy Heywood
National Director


Join Move Productions Dance Competition, and get a leg up on the competition!